Reaming Shoes


Specifically designed to be an aggressive shoe for extreme wellbore conditions. The nose is designed to aid in getting casing to T.D. by using coated blades and optimized jetting to ream and clean out the hole as casing is run. The body blades have tungsten carbide buttons to further assist with hole cleaning

Designed as a Solution:

  • Nose with integrated blades to assist with wellbore reaming and cleanout
  • Wellbore seeking eccentric guide nose negotiates troublesome formations
  • Casing friendly tungsten carbide cutting structure on body
  • Aggressive right-hand blades
  • 360° cutting structure facilitates reaming past obstructions with or without rotation
  • Optimized flow ports offering efficient hole cleaning

REAPER® Info Sheet

Dead Set on Performance


The industry-leading reamer shoe designed to aid in the installation of any casing, liner, or screen application where there are concerns over potentially difficult wellbore conditions.


The reamer shoe has been specifically designed to be the most aggressive casing reamer shoe available in the industry for extreme wellbore conditions.